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Portable Travel Handheld Bidet Sprayer

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About this product.
1.PORTABLE BIDET: Designed to fit any standard plastic water bottle. Fill the water bottle with warm or cold water and optional specialty salts and attach our portable bidet. Gently squeeze the water bottle for effective cleaning.

2.COMFORTABLE CLEANER: Helps to gently clean the perineal area, ideal for those with limited mobility during recovery, without causing discomfort to sensitive areas or incisions. Particularly suitable for new mothers in postpartum care and those dealing with hemorrhoid related issues.

3 SMART ENGINEERING: Made of medical grade silicone material to ensure health and maintain high elasticity without deformation. The well-designed nozzle produces a fairly strong stream of water. Enhanced non-slip joints provide extra security against accidental dislodging of the nozzle bidet.
4.EASY TO USE: Simply find a water bottle and fill it with water, screw on the portable nozzle, point the ergonomic nozzle in the right direction and squeeze the bottle to clean it.

5.Silicone portable bidet outperforms plastic ABS with greater flexibility, durability, and anti-allergenic properties, resulting in a more comfortable and hygienic cleaning solution.


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Portable Travel Handheld Bidet Sprayer

169.00 SR 69.00 SR